Why, When and How should you clean your Diamond Jewellery?

By Paul Chung. 05/08/20

Diamond is one of the hardest natural minerals in the world, but it still needs regular cleaning and some extra care to keep its shine.You must be conscious of the activities you perform while wearing your diamond. In fact, it is advisable to remove the diamond jewellery while doing any type of household chores that might expose it to a hard substance or a rough blow.


What is Rhodium Plating and Reason to have it on your Jewellery?

By Paul Chung. 05/08/20

Do you own a piece of white gold, silver or platinum jewellery? If yes, chances are that your jewellery has already been plated with rhodium metal. Being 10 to 25 times more expensive than gold, rhodium is extremely durable, highly reflective and a rare transition metal. Applying a thin coat of rhodium on your jewellery will make it shinier and more resistant to scratching. Here is an insightful guide on rhodium plating and its benefits.


Why Should You Buy Diamonds During the Time of Crisis?

By Paul Chung. 02/07/20

The world is in a major global economic crisis since the shutdown due to Coronavirus. People are not just affected financially but are also dealing with mental and emotional dilemmas. In this dark time, one priceless object that brings light into our lives is a diamond. Though they are just stones, their value, beauty and unique traits help people during crises in many ways. They are as follows:


Does Your Hand Sanitiser Damage Your Engagement Ring?

By Paul Chung. 24/06/20

Who would have imagined that hand sanitiser would be such a rage in 2020. With the outbreak of Covid-19, hand hygiene has become more decisive than ever. We are constantly washing our hands and sanitising them to stay safe. However, have you ever thought that the chemicals in the sanitisers could cause potential damage to your diamond ring? While sanitisers minimise the risk of exposure, the chemicals such as bleach, rubbing alcohol, chlorine and antibacterial soaps present in the liquid are likely to cause damage to your rings. With every pump, rub, scour and wash, the harsh elements in the product put the precious gems and metals at risk of losing their brilliance. 


Custom Pearl Rings – Choose the Perfect Pearl for Your Precious Piece

By Paul Chung. 27/05/20

Pearl rings are all the rage in today's date. With different pearl colours, sizes, designs and precious metal settings to choose from, you would never go wrong with pearl rings. From a single pearl to many diverse pearls, these types of rings state classic elegance. Before you settle on a pearl ring, it is crucial to choose a perfect pearl for your timeless piece. Here is a quick guide on choosing a pearl for your ring.


Check Out the Tips for Finding A Perfect Diamond Necklace

By Paul Chung. 27/05/20

Imagine yourself in a picture-perfect stunning attire, killer heels and an amazing diamond necklace wrapped around your neck. There is nothing that compares to the marvelous beauty of a diamond necklace. When paired with a diamond ring, it makes a perfect addition to every outfit, from chic – casual to formal attires. With thousands of styles and designs available, it is quite easy to find a perfect diamond necklace to match your preferences.


What’s Special About Solitaire Rings? - Find Out Now

By Paul Chung. 05/05/20

A diamond solitaire contains only one diamond and does not have any other gemstone on either side. Diamond Solitaire Rings represent timeless elegance. Solitaire rings are made of single large diamond rock, making them more expensive when compared to other small cluster diamonds. A solitaire diamond ring is one of the most popular engagement ring designs.

In a solitaire ring setting, the centre stone is supported by a prong setting. Each claw-like tiny metal gives grip to hold the stone in its place. Mostly 4 or 6 prong ring settings are considered for princess cut or oval-shaped diamonds. The prongs have various options like bezels, V-shaped settings, pointed settings, and more.


How To Choose The Right Metal Band For Your Diamond?

By Paul Chung. 23/04/20

When it comes to diamond rings, the metal bands you choose greatly accentuate the centre stone. Generally, a classic platinum metal band is preferred for diamond rings. Selecting the right metal is as important as your diamond stone. From the colour to the ring’s style, the metal band enhances the overall appearance of the ring.

When you're planning for a ring setting in gold, silver or platinum, you should know your diamond’s colour. People think that all gem-quality diamond stones are colourless, colourless diamonds are rare and expensive. Most diamonds used in jewellery carry a tint of yellow, grey or brown. So, when choosing an engagement ring in white gold, silver or platinum, you'll need to examine your diamond’s colour scale.


Explore the Elegant Autumn Wedding Jewellery Ideas 2020

By Paul Chung. 02/04/20

Planning for an autumn wedding? Well, turns out that the autumn season is considered the best season for picturesque weddings. As leaves turn from burnt oranges to rusty coppers, filling the atmosphere with a crisp smell, now is the perfect time to indulge in a quaint autumn wedding: storybook style.

From the decor to the dresses, you will have several choices. For the modern brides who love to stand out and make a statement, selecting your wedding diamond jewellery can be a crucial decision. Wearing statement pieces can make you stand out, and by “statement” we do not mean gaudy. Minimal and artistic jewellery designs are a huge trend amongst brides, and they give you the perfect sophisticated yet stand-out look.     


Buying Blue Diamonds? Things You Need To Know

By Paul Chung. 24/03/20

Blue diamonds are considered the most valuable variety of diamond. While there are myriad blue diamond’s with different shades, the one with deep blue hue is the rarest, and it is truly a beautiful creation by nature.

Why Are Blue Diamonds Preferred For Engagement Rings?

As coloured diamonds have gained popularity in the recent past, blue diamond rings are a sought-after option amongst the brides. They are extremely durable and scratch-resistant, making an ideal option for daily wear. The fire and sparkle it offers are quite unmatchable with any other gemstone. In addition, it makes a perfect centrepiece stone. From a symbolic standpoint, blue diamonds represent faith and purity, and an enduring symbol of true love.


Why Do So Many People Prefer the Halo Engagement Ring Setting?

By Paul Chung. 27/02/20

Your ring setting plays a major role in the overall design of your ring. The setting selection mostly depends on individual preferences and personal style. Each ring setting style is designed to enhance the beauty of the stone. Some settings tend to provide the style with minimal upkeep. While certain settings with intricate designs require proper care and more upkeep.

Once the setting is chosen, the stone that best complements the setting needs to be selected. With each setting consisting of distinctive brilliance, the halo engagement ring setting tops the list and is admired for its extraordinary brilliance. In addition, this setting can be used for all kinds of faceted stones. It assures that the stone gets the right height, completely straight, centred, and secure. For larger stones that require extra security and support, a double halo setting is used.


5 Unique Jewelery Gifts For Your Valentine

By Paul Chung. 10/02/20

Valentine's Day is the special time of the year to celebrate love. It is a popular trend amongst people to express their love by proposing, gifting jewelery, roses, chocolates and wine on this lovely day. To make the day extra special for your valentine, we have suggested a few jewelery gifts that are simply elegant, timeless, and made for the occasion.

Engagement Rings

It is no surprise that engagement rings depict the beginning of new journeys. Engagement rings hold the promise of eternal love and represent the timeless bond between two people. There are many varieties of engagement rings - from a delicate solitaire ring to engraved halo ring; you can pick the ring that reflects charisma. Also, if you aim to have one crafted, our specialists at Diamond Story are here to sort you out!


Types and Patterns for Wedding Ring Design

By Paul Chung. 24/01/20

A beautiful wedding ring on your bride’s finger is one of the best ways to express your love, feelings, respect, and commitment to her. Wedding rings are of various designs and patterns. A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment and eternal love. However, finding "The perfect ring" is a problem that most couples face before their wedding day. To help you here, we have put together a few essential tips to give some insights on finding your dream wedding ring.


Why Lab-Grown Diamonds are Becoming Increasingly Popular?

By Paul Chung. 17/01/20

Diamonds are oftentimes dubbed as overrated. We beg to differ. The sparkle of a diamond is to die for, and we don’t think that there’s much that can compete with its beauty. But diamonds can be exorbitant and expensive, making them out of reach for a few. However, lab-grown diamonds are making peoples dream of owning a diamond come true. How you ask? Here’s how.

There exists a popular opinion about how mined diamonds are the only true “diamonds” and there’s everything else is a “replica” or a “fake”. While that may be true in most cases, but when it comes to lab-grown diamonds, what you see is what you get. These diamonds are no different from mined diamonds, and in fact, cannot be told from mined diamonds without running specialized tests. They possess the same beauty, sparkle and even are chemically the same as mined diamonds.

To break the stereotype, let’s go through some facts and considerations about lab-grown diamonds. In fact, some of the most experienced jewellers have a difficult time differentiating between the two...


Check Out These Engagement Rings Trends For 2020

By Paul Chung. 06/01/20

Often people go about finding the perfect, flawless, and brilliant. When it comes to engagement rings, most brides-to-be will be on the lookout for new designs that feature unusual styles. However, what often gets overlooked here is, trending styles that get your Instagram feed go gaga.  

With the changing trends, nowadays, it's quite natural that brides-to-be take cues from the social media platforms to get the ring of their dreams and falls under the influence of their favourite celebrity ring styles.

Moreover, as a consumer, you may want to create bling that is authentic and leaves everyone in 'awe' about how your ring is made. In order to provide the jewellery inspirations, many jeweler stores melbourne are coming up with different styles that are sustainable ring designs that are too good to be true.


How to Find Her Ring Size Secretly?

By Paul Chung. 06/01/20

Whilst planning a fairy tale proposal with the perfect ring for your soulmate, one of the biggest hurdles is getting the size of the ring right. When it comes to women rings, the sizes used in Australia will differ from those used in other countries. The most common ring size in Australia is an N or O. And the half-size rings are indicated as size A½. You do not have to worry about the exact fit, as most engagement rings melbourne are often resized rings after the proposal.


How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

By Paul Chung. 28/12/19

Over the years, the trends and preferences of people have evolved. Diamonds have always remained a fascination and yet maintained an expensive stereotype. Diamonds are often associated with qualities like “rare, precious, special and exclusive”. This makes it the best reason why relationships are built over diamond rings. Diamond Engagement rings have become a modern yet an age-old trend of conveying the importance of exclusiveness in relationships to say, “You are the One!”


Are Diamonds Indestructible?

By Paul Chung. 27/11/19

Years ago, in 1948, The DeBeers Group came up with a slogan to best describe diamonds. “Diamonds are Forever” it said. Lo and behold, everyone believed them.  How true is this though? Do diamonds really last forever? Are they truly indestructible? The answer is...


Lab Grown Diamonds

By Paul Chung. 27/11/19

Man made diamonds are also known as engineered diamonds or cultured diamonds and are grown in highly secure and controlled lab environments which use advanced technological processes to create the exact conditions under which diamonds are formed in the mantle beneath the crust of the earth. The man-made diamonds consist of the exact same chemical structure as a natural diamond. Since these are made of the same material as the naturally occurring diamonds, they exhibit...


A Guide to Buying Loose Diamonds

By Paul Chung. 20/11/19

Diamond Story sells GIA certified loose diamonds that are priced lower than pretty much all retailers. By taking away the retail mark-ups and selling the stones at wholesale prices, we can offer the most competitive prices in Australia. You can experience our personalised services, by booking a free consultation with one of our diamond experts, who have been in the industry for over a decade. With careful consideration about your requirements, our experts will advise you about your options before crafting your jewellery.

Choosing a diamond can be a time-consuming process, however, our diamond experts will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your pick. With an extensive range of over 150,000 diamonds in our inventory, we will find you the perfect diamond within your budget.


What Are the Most Popular Diamond Shapes?

By Paul Chung. 12/11/19

If you’ve got cash to splash, diamonds can be your best friends too. These precious stones are scintillating, tantalizing and irresistible in their beauty. Authentic diamonds are unmistakably brilliant and that’s why we love them. But did you know much of a diamond’s beauty is derived from its shape?

There are various different ways to cut diamonds for jewellery and each shape responds to and disperses light in a unique way. So, if you’re searching for the diamond ring or necklace of your dreams, don’t forget that the shape of the stone has a big impact on its appearance. We recommend considering several shapes before making a final choice.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular shapes for diamond jewellery.


South Sea, Freshwater, Akoya and Tahitian Pearls – Select The Right Pearl For You

By Paul Chung. 12/11/19

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of pearl jewellery, it’s important to understand what makes these shiny little gemstones so special. There are actually four types of naturally occurring pearl, Akoya, freshwater, south sea and Tahitian pearls.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of each to help you decide which type of pearl is the right choice for your ring, bracelet or necklace.

Akoya Pearls

The Akoya pearls are what we think of as the ‘classic’ pearl. For almost a century, Akoya pearls have been harvested off the coast of Japan to create dazzling pieces of valuable jewellery. This variety is known for its white colour, so if you’re picturing a string of pearls, you’re probably imagining Akoyas.

Akoya pearls tend to range in size from 4-10mm. They are shaped to be perfectly round and can reflect light better than any other type of pearl. If you want to go classic, choose Akoyas.


15 Fun Facts About Sapphire - The September Birthstone That You Probably Didn't Know

By Paul Chung. 26/09/19

Virgo season is on! Let us learn a bit more about the precious gemstone that could be a perfect gift for the September babies:

1. Popularity That Spans Thousands of Years

Sapphires have been famous for thousands and thousands of years as precious gemstones in ancient Persia, Roman Empire and throughout the Middle Ages.

2. Colours of the Rainbow

When you think of the colour of a sapphire, you come think of the deep blue skies or the ocean. However, sapphires occur in a lot more colour than you would think. Sapphire gemstones occur in nature in almost every colour of the rainbow- peach, pink, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, purple etc. Red Sapphire gemstones are more famously known as rubies.


Eight Factors That Affect the Price of Diamonds Beyond 4 C’s

By Paul Chung. 26/09/19

When it comes to diamonds, it's more than meets the eyes. When looking to buy a diamond, great care must be taken to consider various factors that make the diamond worth its price. The most common being the Four C’s of a diamond- Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. However, there are several other details that require attention before making a purchase. At Diamond Story, we understand the joy of buying that very special diamond ring or necklace and we want to make sure you make the right choice.

Here’s an additional list of EIGHT things to consider before buying your diamonds, beyond just 4Cs:


Why is the Cut So Important in A Diamond?

By Paul Chung. 26/09/19

Ever researched about what gives diamond it’s value? The most common term you will come across is the 4 C’s of the diamond. One of the C’s is the cut. A cut can have a significant impact on the look, appeal and the value of a diamond. But what does “cut” even mean in the context of diamonds? At Diamond Story, we understand how important it is to get your first or even the hundredth diamond right. And we’re here to help. Here’s our detailed guide that answers the top THREE queries regarding the cut of a diamond, so you can make an informed decision.


What Makes Diamonds So Expensive?

By Paul Chung. 30/08/19

There are a lot of stories behind the expensive nature of diamonds. Let us take you through ours.

Diamonds, in nature, are elegant and soulfully appealing gemstones. They were discovered centuries ago, known to be an enduring symbol of power, love, and wealth. Only the royals of the past were using it to embellish their crowns and jewelry. These are widely admired for their brilliance and strength. 

So, what is it about them now, that makes them so sought after, desirable and expensive?


TRS Claims

By Paul Chung. 17/06/19

Image result for trs scheme

We often get asked how one can claim back the GST through the TRS scheme.

While you are able to lodge a TRS claim, there are certain conditions you must meet in order to get approved.

Below are the main points that you will need to remember if you are considering a TRS claim.


Current Swiss Watch Industry

By Paul Chung 10/7/19

Like most men I have had a fascination with watches from an early age. 

From the simple, like Swatch, to the luxury, like Patek Philip, watches for me have been not just a timekeeping piece but a statement.

Whether its a classic steel band watch with a sweeping second hand and a date window, a fashionable bronze or green coloured divers watch, a classic sports chronograph or a complex toubillon, there is a watch for every taste and budget. 


Why are Diamonds loved by Women all over the world?

An small opinion piece by Jenny Park, 22nd July 2019

Diamonds are known as the King of Jewels and the Birthstone of April. Diamonds are jewels that symbolize April. There is a saying that ‘Diamonds are a way into a womans heart', as this is a jewel that captures the hearts of women! So why do so many women love diamonds?


A Small Opinion Piece on Buying a Diamond

By Aaron Tang 25/7/19.

Most consumers consider buying a diamond as one of the biggest purchases in their life. The fact that it symbolizes their commitment to one person and the fact that in most cases a substantial portion of their savings will be spent on buying a ring, makes purchasing a diamond one of the most important decisions.

Many a time, a diamond with good specs can cost as much as a car, and like a car the higher the specs, the pricier it gets.


The Best Diamond Ring Design? 

An opinion piece by Jenny Park 30/7/19

When talking about diamonds and diamond rings, there are two colored boxes that women all around the world are enthusiastic about.

One is the blue box of Tiffany, and the other is the red box of Cartier. Let's have a look at the best diamond rings by both.

Tiffany - Since its founding in 1837, the Tiffany solitaire design has become a symbol of Tiffany.


Why Are Blue Diamonds Preferred For Engagement Rings?

As coloured diamonds have gained popularity in the recent past, blue diamond rings are a sought-after option amongst the brides. They are extremely durable and scratch-resistant, making an ideal option for daily wear. The fire and sparkle it offers are quite unmatchable with any other gemstone. In addition, it makes a perfect centrepiece stone. From a symbolic standpoint, blue diamonds represent faith and purity, and an enduring symbol of true love.

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