Diamonds are known to be the hardest substances on earth. They are resistant to most general wear and tear, being strikingly resistant to damage by heat and to scratching. However, one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to diamonds is that they are indestructible. One of the most vulnerable parts of the diamond is the girdle. A chip to the girdle is one of the most common complaints that we receive from our customers. An efficient way to prevent that from happening is by encasing your diamond in an extremely protected diamond setting. Even so, diamonds need regular care and service to help extend its potential expected life.

During its life, diamond is exposed to dirt, sun, perspiration, makeup, skin oils and so on. Over time, these particles build up and fog the reflective appearance and thereby, the beauty of the diamond.

We recommend cleaning and servicing of diamonds at least once every six months and or if it undergoes serious trauma such as hitting a hard surface. This will ensure that the diamond damage is detected if it has been damaged inadvertently. At Diamond Story, we provide cleaning free of cost to all our customers*.

However, if you have not shopped from us and still need your ring service, we can do that as well. The price for servicing your jewelry starts at as low as $40 AUD. For a free quote, contact us here.

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