Valentine's Day is the special time of the year to celebrate love. It is a popular trend amongst people to express their love by proposing, gifting jewelery, roses, chocolates and wine on this lovely day. To make the day extra special for your valentine, we have suggested a few jewelery gifts that are simply elegant, timeless, and made for the occasion.

Engagement Rings

It is no surprise that engagement rings depict the beginning of new journeys. Engagement rings hold the promise of eternal love and represent the timeless bond between two people. There are many varieties of engagement rings - from a delicate solitaire ring to engraved halo ring; you can pick the ring that reflects charisma. Also, if you aim to have one crafted, our specialists at Diamond Story are here to sort you out!

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelets are a classic piece of jewelery, which make for a beautiful valentine gift. The tennis bracelet consists of a line of diamonds with the same size, cut, colour, and clarity to make a flexible and complete circle. However, if you aim to go for innovative styles, there are also variations available in assorted sizes and cuts.

Heart-Shaped Rings

While your valentine may appreciate rings of all shapes, heart-shaped rings are becoming a popular choice. Of course, style and size are important to consider, you may want to know the ring finger size before making the purchase. From a simple rose-gold metal type to diamond engraved pave bands, choose any ring setting of your choice and buy a heart-shaped diamond stone to win her hand and heart.

Pearl Rings

Pearls come in all shapes and are beautiful to wear. When it comes to pearl rings, round-shaped pearls are considered the “forever choice”. Whether you buy a pearl jewelery, necklace or ring, pearls symbolise purity and love. They come in different colours and sizes, and you can choose a ring that best suits her style.

Luxury Watches

Make him/her feel special with luxury timepieces. Look for unique construction, adorned with diamond, stones and metals like platinum, rose gold, and more. A watch that features a great form and function can add more value to your gift.

If you're looking to buy out-of-the-box jewelery for your valentine, Diamond Story offers the most stunning collection of diamond rings, pendants, necklaces, and more. To craft your special gift, Contact us and one of our experts will give you the right advice.

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