Diamond Care


Contrary to the general perception, diamonds are not indestructible. They must be treated with care to ensure that you have years of enjoyment from your diamond purchase.

Below are a few tips to ensure your diamonds have a long and prosperous life, just like you.

1. Clean Your Piece of Jewellery Regularly

Best way to clean your ring is by using an ultrasonic cleaner. They can be easily purchased online for between $40 - $80.

Cleaning your ring with a soft toothbrush under warm running water is also great. Use the toothbrush to clean the bottom and sides of the diamond and rinse with water.

Use a toothpick to scrape away dirt and grime from the bottom and sides of the diamond. Toothpicks are great as they can get into hard to reach areas between claws. Rinse with water after.

2. Regular Checks Will Maximise the Life of Your Diamond

Get it checked at least once a year to ensure the ring is in perfect condition. This is a great way to ensure there are no loose stones or any damage. This is very important as our Warranty requires every item to be checked at least once a year.

3. Maintain the Metal on Your Ring

Rings will scratch and fade over time with normal wear and tear. If the metal on your ring has lost its shine it may be time to repolish or recoat your ring. It is advisable to do this once every few years and the costs are minimal. You can book your polish to bring the ring to an as new state by clicking here.

4. Chemicals Are Not Your Diamonds Best Friends

Avoid chemicals. Household chemicals like bleach can affect the metal of your jewellery. It’s always recommended to remove jewellery before cleaning the home, washing dishes or gardening.

5. Proper Storage is Important
Avoid storing jewellery together in a bag or pouch. If you need to store jewellery together, try to wrap each piece in a tissue to protect individual pieces from rubbing against each other.
6. Resizing and Repairs
If your ring becomes too loose or tight, have it resized by a professional jeweller. Additionally, if you notice any damage or issues with the setting, get it repaired promptly to prevent further damage. Book your resize/repair here.
7. When it Comes to Jewellery, Mindfulness is Key

Be careful!! We know it sounds silly but caring for your jewellery is important. We have had many clients return with damaged rings due to banging the ring against things which resulted in damaged claws or bent bands.