Jewellery Melbourne

Diamond Story specializes in custom made jewellery to create the jewellery item of your dreams.

From Rings to Necklaces and everything in between, no job is too small or large for us!

We offer three main ways to craft jewellery

1 - 100% hand made. Our specialty with a master jeweller with close to 40 years in the trade. 


2 - CAD and Cast. The most common way to make rings in retail markets. Castings usually enable precise measurements and detail. Below is an example of a CAD and cast ring we made for a client. As you can see the render is much more detailed and almost looks the same as the finished product!

cad  final 1

3 - CAD drawings then hand made. An option gaining popularity. Combines the flexibility of getting a CAD drawing done first to see what your creation will look like before hand making it. The renders for the CAD and hand made option will be more basic with dimensions and overall look to give the jeweller the information he needs. Below is an example of a CAD and hand made ring, As you can see the render is much more basic compared to the above CAD and cast option. This is because it doesnt need to be rendered or coloured and the information needed by the jeweller is usually dimensions and look.

cad  final 2

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