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What is Servicing?

Diamond Story provides servicing for all types of jewellery. It is the best way to ensure your beloved item is still secure and in good order for minimal cost.

$40 + GST exclusively at Diamond Story
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Polishing & Plating

What is Polishing & Plating?

If you would like to bring your old and worn rings looking new we can help!

Polishing and plating is a simple and cost effective way to make old jewellery look like it just left the showroom!

$90 + GST for 18K 
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Step - by - step guide

  • Make an appointment
  • Talk to Diamond Story's Specialists
  • Get your Service Quote/Invoice
  • Wait 2-14 Days
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What is Resizing?

Diamond Story offers resizing for all rings. Contact us now to obtain your quote. 

(some exceptions apply)

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