Most consumers consider buying a diamond as one of the biggest purchases in their life. The fact that it symbolizes their commitment to one person and the fact that in most cases a substantial portion of their savings will be spent on buying a ring, makes purchasing a diamond one of the most important decisions.
Many a time, a diamond with good specs can cost as much as a car, and like a car the higher the specs, the pricier it gets.

Before the internet, the only places to shop for your diamond jewellery was from a local jewellery store. Because there are no regulations that dictate how much a piece of diamond jewellery can be sold at, the consumer pays for what they are told and what they believe it’s worth.

In 1999 Bluenile revolutionized the online diamond market by being one of the first to sell such high value items online. Due to the technology and lack of security back in those days, buying something before seeing it would’ve been a frightening experience, especially since the consumer:

1. Did not know exactly what they were getting
2. Could not verify the authenticity of the product
3. Could not trust the security of the web

Nowadays with the help of advance AI technologies and IP identification, it makes it extremely easy for relevant government agencies to track down any illegal activity conducted by registered businesses. Combined with the advances in technology and security software, customers are now much more comfortable buying online.

Most diamond online retailers provide magnified high resolution images, videos, and lab grading reports of the diamonds that a consumer is interested in. In many cases, that’s enough for the consumer to fee confident that they will be getting what they are after.

We at Diamond Story, add an additional layer of certainty by confirming with the supplier direct to ensure the diamond the consumer orders is exactly what they will get. Diamond Story will personally check that the diamond is eye clean, non cloudy, has no green/brown/yellow tinges and perfect. If there is an issue with the stone we will notify the consumer to advise and give alternative options. We do this to ensure that you will be 100% happy with your purchase.

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