It’s undeniable that mums are incredibly special. They raise us, care for us and devote so much for their children. Though mothers should be celebrated every day, a special occasion like Mother’s Day would definitely be a perfect time to give her a gift and show her you are thinking about her. If you are looking to buy a special jewellery gift for your mum, a piece of jewellery will be a perfect choice. She not only does feel special, but thinks of you whenever she looks at it.

Jewellery Gift Ideas For Your Mother:

Jewellery With Her Birthstone:

Getting your mum a piece of jewellery with her birthstone can be a heart-touching gift. To make the gift even more special, you can add multiple birthstones, representing each member of your family.

Personalised Jewellery:

Personalised jewellery will be very meaningful and more valuable from the sentimental viewpoint. Giving her a signet ring, a banner necklace or a bracelet with her initials engraved in it means a lot to her. 


Lockets are a wonderful gift that can be given to your mum on Mother’s Day. To add a personal touch, you can place her favourite pictures in the locket so that your mum can keep it close to her heart always.

Charm Bracelets:

If your mum is trendy and loves to wear fashionable jewellery, then she would definitely love charm bracelets. This could be an on-going gift as you can add a new, meaningful charm every year or during special occasions like her birthday.


Pendants make an amazing gift. Think out of the way and choose pendants something cute like the ones that include mama bear and a baby bear, mama bird and a little bird, hearts within heart or with an engraving of the words ‘mum & daughter’ or ‘mum & son’, etc. Look for something that reveals the significance of your relationship.

Diamond Jewellery:

Diamond jewellery can be a fantastic gift for mother’s day. From earrings and necklaces to diamond rings and bracelets, you have so many options to choose from. Also, you can pick up any type of precious metals like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum as base metal that suits your mom’s personality and style. If she has a special gemstone or a favourite colour, include them for a personal touch.

Call Diamond Story For Assistance!

Giving a gift on Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to acknowledge the important role she has played in your life. So, if you have decided to give a fine jewellery piece, then Diamond Story can be your right destination. As a leading provider of custom-made diamond jewellery in Sydney, we can promise excellent workmanship, unbeatable service and the best prices on every purchase. If you need assistance in choosing the right Mother’s Day jewellery gift, feel free to call 03 9642 3649 and talk to us now!

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