Blue diamonds are considered the most valuable variety of diamond. While there are myriad blue diamond’s with different shades, the one with deep blue hue is the rarest, and it is truly a beautiful creation by nature.

Why Are Blue Diamonds Preferred For Engagement Rings?

As coloured diamonds have gained popularity in the recent past, blue diamond rings are a sought-after option amongst the brides. They are extremely durable and scratch-resistant, making an ideal option for daily wear. The fire and sparkle it offers are quite unmatchable with any other gemstone. In addition, it makes a perfect centrepiece stone. From a symbolic standpoint, blue diamonds represent faith and purity, and an enduring symbol of true love.

Furthermore, it is believed to have miraculous powers to remove any negative energy and solve any dispute. Therefore, proposing your beloved with a blue diamond ring shows how much you value the relationship, thus making it a great option for engagement rings.

The value and prestige of wearing a blue diamond ring is truly high. Although it is quite expensive to buy, there are even man-made blue diamonds that are available in many diamond jewellery shops. They are less expensive. It is hard to distinguish the difference between the natural blue diamond and the man-made diamond.

How Are Blue Diamonds Graded?

Among the 4C’s, the cut is one of the important aspects to grade colourless diamonds, for coloured diamonds, colour plays an important role. It is difficult to evaluate the blue diamond with its colour; however, the valuation depends on three aspects, hue, tone, and saturation.

Hue: It is the visible colour of the stone. As with blue diamonds, secondary colours like green or grey are part of it. The more dominant these secondary colours; the stone colour will be affected. Pure blue diamonds are highly expensive.

Tone: Tone is defined by the weight and strength of the stone. Lighter and stronger stone is more expensive and rare. A dark colour will resemble a black diamond, whereas light colour will not be vivid. Therefore, you must choose a stone that is neither too dark nor too light.

Saturation: This refers to the intensity of the stone. The more deep and vivid the diamond stone looks, the more expensive it is.

While blue diamonds are an excellent option for engagement rings, you can even go for blue sapphire or aquamarine diamond stones. They look incredible when set in white gold metal.

Finding a blue diamond is quite difficult because of its rarity. However, at Diamond Story, we have the rarest collections of diamond rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and more.

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