Often people go about finding the perfect, flawless, and brilliant. When it comes to engagement rings, most brides-to-be will be on the lookout for new designs that feature unusual styles. However, what often gets overlooked here is, trending styles that get your Instagram feed go gaga.  

With the changing trends, nowadays, it's quite natural that brides-to-be take cues from the social media platforms to get the ring of their dreams and falls under the influence of their favourite celebrity ring styles.

Moreover, as a consumer, you may want to create bling that is authentic and leaves everyone in 'awe' about how your ring is made. In order to provide the jewellery inspirations, many jeweler stores melbourne are coming up with different styles that are sustainable ring designs that are too good to be true.

Well, having said that, whether you are planning for a heartfelt proposal or a happily ever after ring, we would like to throw some light on the most sought-after engagement ring trends for 2020.

Coloured Stones Rings

Coloured gemstone never goes out of fashion. You can use sapphires, rubies, emerald, black diamonds, on a unique setting to create a gemstone ring of your style. Having a classic bright borders would bring the elegance of the coloured stone and even you can have it on yellow gold metal bands.

Yellow Diamond Rings

Yellow gold stones are the newest peg. These can provide the fire and brilliance that you expect. Yellow diamonds are fancied for its color and you can bring its outstanding brilliance with distinct cuts. These yellow diamond rings are finding its way back to be popular again and are hugely admired for its unique detailing.

Halo Rings

Halo rings prove to be a popular option among couples. Lustrous and a heavily encrusted design make it be the unanimous choice and with detailed engravings on the metal, these halo rings are perfect on the hands of the brides-to-be.

Pear & Marquise Rings

With the popularity it gained in 2019, Pear and Marquise shaped diamonds will continue to gain the same momentum in 2020. From a red carpet look to stand out from the crowd, this pear and marquise cut stones have incredible brilliance and bring out the sparkling factor.

Multi-Stoned Rings

Meghan Markle’s three-stone engagement ring gained popularity and forced the brides-to-be wanting for more diamonds. These three stone rings are a popular option for brides. It graces your finger with diamonds, and it will look great when set on a single wedding band.

Minimalist Rings

This is perfect for people who do not like the clustered look and want a bold statement. Simple and stunning rings with a striking gemstone placed on a single metal ban making it a go-to choice. You will not stop staring at your finger when you wear it.


Celebrity-Inspired Rings

Everybody likes a star-quality style, and when it comes to engagement rings, Hollywood A-listers never failed to stun the audience. Brides-to-be envy those celebrities and wish they could also get the one of a kind ring that glares the eyeballs.

From Kim Kardashian's 15-carat engagement ring to Blake Lively's pink diamond from Ryan Reynolds, you can also create a star factor with a touch of glam and glitz with the help of jewellers.

Want more inspirations? From stunning bands to rare diamonds, Diamond Story helps you create a personal bling that many would lust after.  For unique design inspirations, call us on 03 9642 3649

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