Who would have imagined that hand sanitiser would be such a rage in 2020. With the outbreak of Covid-19, hand hygiene has become more decisive than ever. We are constantly washing our hands and sanitising them to stay safe. However, have you ever thought that the chemicals in the sanitisers could cause potential damage to your diamond ring? While sanitisers minimise the risk of exposure, the chemicals such as bleach, rubbing alcohol, chlorine and antibacterial soaps present in the liquid are likely to cause damage to your rings. With every pump, rub, scour and wash, the harsh elements in the product put the precious gems and metals at risk of losing their brilliance. 

We are not looking to deter you from using the sanitisers but want you to follow the below tips to keep your rings and other jewelery safe.

Reduce Contact with Sanitisers:

This is one simple way to protect your precious jewellery. When you are applying sanitisers or soap, simply take off the ring, and put it back once your hands are dry. This prevents your ring from getting exposed to chemicals and protects its brilliance and lustrous look.

Keep Cleaning Agents Away:

Exposure to cleaning agents such as bleach, chlorine and antibacterial soap does not cause immediate damage. Instead, they can break down the brilliance of the diamonds over time. To keep your precious stones glittering to the maximum, it’s better to keep cleaning agents away.

Clean Your Ring Regularly:

Placing your diamond ring and other jewelleries in an ultrasonic cleaner may do wonder, but not everyone may have this kit. Alternatively, you can soak it in a mix of dish washing soap and warm water twice or thrice a week.

Wear Gloves:

If you are too sentimental and don’t want to take off your engagement ring, you can consider wearing gloves. When you are doing household chores like washing and cleaning, you can wear rubber gloves which reduce its contact with harsh chemicals.

Use The Right Product:

WHO states that a sanitiser with 60% alcohol content or more can effectively kill viruses and bacteria. So, you can choose a sanitiser with an alcohol content of 60 to 62% as it will only have a negligible effect on your diamond ring.

Avoid Wearing The Ring:

The ultimate way to protect your wedding ring is to keep it safely in your jewellery box. You can start wearing it again once this pandemic comes to an end.

Need more tips on protecting your precious, timeless ring from damages? Call Diamond Story on 03 9642 3649 to get your ring cleaned in a professional way. 

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