Are you a bride-to-be? If yes, you need to have the perfect dress and accessories for the big day. When it comes to bridal jewellery, there are several options to choose from. All those expensive dresses and make-over are not really going to do the trick if you don’t have the perfect wedding jewellery. Need some obliging ideas to find the right bridal jewellery? Here is a compilation of a few inspiring bridal jewellery ideas for you.


Pearl jewellery is sure to add a touch of elegance and class to your wedding. If you wear a wedding gown beaded with pearl accents and pair it up with a pearl necklace, they will complement each other and make your guests take notice of pearl jewellery. Wearing a tiara embedded with pearls and a string of pearls around your neck makes a lovely combination and gives you a graceful look. Being radiant and candid, pearls are flexible enough to go with any wedding dress.


The sparkle of precious gold jewellery is certainly eye-catching. If you are a bride who loves the idea of wearing multi-layered necklaces on your big day, you can pick gold jewellery over other types of jewellery. While yellow gold is the still most popular colour choice for most people, today gold is available in a diverse colour palette such as white, rose and black. The inclusion of copper gives the pink complexion; alloying pure gold with white metals like silver or palladium results in the white tone; black gold gets its colour from cobalt oxide. With so many colour options available, you can opt for the gold jewellery pieces in your preferred colour palette, matching your wedding dress and theme.


Diamond bridal jewellery has spelled its magic and grace on every female around the world. Of all the diamond bridal jewelleries, the most attractive and the desire one is the diamond bridal ring. Also, a perfectly-designed diamond necklace can capture the attention of the masses and command the essence of any bride’s beauty.

If you have a v-shaped neckline or halter neckline, then a diamond necklace with a pendent would complement it. If your wedding gown has a very high neckline, you can opt for a beautiful pair of diamond earrings instead. For a strapless dress, you can go with a choker necklace or multi-strand necklace.

Have a colour theme for your wedding? In that case, you can choose diamond jewellery in a colour matching the colour theme of your wedding or your bridal bouquet. Maybe, you can have a hint of peculiar colours such as sage green, rose and lilac added to your diamond bracelet, earring and necklace to flaunt your style.

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