When it comes to diamond rings, the metal bands you choose greatly accentuate the centre stone. Generally, a classic platinum metal band is preferred for diamond rings. Selecting the right metal is as important as your diamond stone. From the colour to the ring’s style, the metal band enhances the overall appearance of the ring.

When you're planning for a ring setting in gold, silver or platinum, you should know your diamond’s colour. People think that all gem-quality diamond stones are colourless, colourless diamonds are rare and expensive. Most diamonds used in jewellery carry a tint of yellow, grey or brown. So, when choosing an engagement ring in white gold, silver or platinum, you'll need to examine your diamond’s colour scale.

Diamonds are reflective, for example, the facets of a standard round brilliant diamond stone act as a mirror because it mirrors the brilliance of the setting and the colour of the metal band. So, you can create a more stunning appearance by matching the colour of your stone.

Whether you want a ring design to highlight your centre stone or create a neutral colour balance between the stone and metal, you have several options to choose from. However, you can get assistance from a reputable jeweller. They will understand your colour and stone preferences to help you with the right design. They also recommend colour nuances of the diamonds to help you choose the right metal band. If you want to get the best colour recommendation for your diamond ring, meeting the jeweller in person is highly recommended.

To make your ring look as stunning as possible you have to choose wisely. We have listed a few examples to make you understand better.

  • If you own a rare & colourless diamond stone, you can adorn it with a white gold or platinum metal band setting to highlight the centre stone. Even with pink and blue diamonds, a double halo ring setting or a platinum metal band setting will add a great depth and offer extra sparkle and elegance.
  • Colourless diamonds are rare. In most jewellery shops, you will find diamonds with a yellow tint. However, you can make it look incredible with a yellow gold metal band setting, which complements the stone's colour and this is a classic and elegant choice for people who like minimal design.
  • For a small diamond stone, you must go for a pave band setting, the intricate detail of engraved diamonds adds depth and grandeur to the ring.

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