Is it right to upgrade an engagement ring? While it is a tough question to answer, there are several reasons to do so - you may want a bigger ring, try a new style, your ring would have gone out of style, etc. One aspect to consider here is that improving your ring is not a reflection on your spouse, but it is all about the changes in your lifestyle and taste.

Well, upgrading your engagement ring doesn’t need to be a complete replacement. It can be just resetting a stone, changing the setting or adding other stones to the ring. Just as your original engagement ring, the upgraded engagement ring also reflects your marriage and relationship for many years to come. But, how to upgrade an engagement ring? Check out some of the exciting ideas below for upgrading your engagement ring!

Change Your Centre Stone:

One of the simplest options to upgrade your ring is to change the centre stone. Is your round brilliant diamond looking traditional? Looking for something more colourful like a sapphire? This is the right time to consider changing the center stone as per your dreams.

Change The Setting Style:

If you are not interested in changing the centre stone, why not consider adjusting your setting style? Though it seems to be a little tricky, you can swap out the setting and keep the stones to  yourself. By doing so, you can give your precious stone a second life in a new ring.

Add a Pop of Colour:

If you have decided to replace one or two stones, consider swapping the colourless stones with colourful stones like ruby, emerald or sapphire. You can also choose the birthstone colours to represent your partner, children or someone close to your heart. Adding a pop of colour not only revamps the look of your ring, but also depicts a personal meaning too.

Change Your Metal Type:

If you are tired of your current basic metal type, you can consider changing the metal colour. Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold and Platinum are the most common basic metal types, and you can choose the one that suits your personal preferences.

Tryout A New Shape:

Whether you own a ring with a conventional Princess or Round brilliant, or modern elongated or asymmetrical, trying out a new shape gives your ring a rejuvenated look. Simply swap out your centre stone shape with one that suits your taste.

Add Some Sparkle To Your Ring:

If you feel that your ring looks more subtle, adding some extra diamonds to the plain band can give it a dazzling effect. Also, you can consider adding a few more small diamond stones around the centre stone to achieve a magical effect.

Call Diamond Story!

Running out of ideas to upgrade your engagement ring? Diamond Story is here to help you! We have a team of diamond specialists who will work with you to reinvent your engagement ring that will last for many years to come. Feel free to call us on 03 9642 3649 to set up an appointment with one of our ring designers today.

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