When talking about diamonds and diamond rings, there are two colored boxes that women all around the world are enthusiastic about.

One is the blue box of Tiffany, and the other is the red box of Cartier. Let's have a look at the best diamond rings by both.

Tiffany - Since its founding in 1837, the Tiffany solitaire design has become a symbol of Tiffany. It has eveolved to become a symbol of romance with its clean knife edged band with only one main diamond on it set in six prongs. This is a classic design that does not age with wear, and a design that does not need to follow trends. This ring design semms to symbolise Love that lasts forever!

Cartier - Cartier has a long history spanning 160 years and its iconic ring design is the Solitaire 1895. It is a noble and elegant design which has become a classic since 1895, and retains its unchanging beauty over time. This mysterious design has delicate balance and proportions and also emphasizes elegance by giving it a simple yet seamless setting of diamonds.

These two brands have become art pieces rather than simple jewelry and women often see these rings as signs of class and taste. For more than a century these two rings have left women swooning.

Whether it's Tiffany's blue box or Cartier's red box, i dont think there would be any woman who would refuse.

Diamond Story also has a unique black box that will be sure to delight.

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