The world's rarest diamonds are natural coloured diamonds, which come in various hues ranging from brown, black, yellow, blue, and pink, to red (the rarest of them all). These precious gems are often beyond measure in terms of value, and some of them are exclusively sold to museums. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the rarest and most exclusive diamonds in the world.

Natural-coloured diamonds are incredibly rare, representing only 0.01% of all diamonds ever mined. The most frequently occurring coloured diamonds are yellow, brown, and black, and even these hues are sparse. However, diamonds that stray outside of these colours are considered true treasures.

The rarest natural coloured diamonds are the reds, blues, and greens, with the darker and more intense colours being the most sought-after. The price of a coloured diamond increases with the intensity of its colour and its carat weight. Interested buyers can check out lab-coloured diamond search or a diamond buying guide for more budget-friendly options.

Red diamonds

Red diamonds are the most exclusive among coloured diamonds, with only 30 naturally occurring red diamonds ever discovered, and many of them are under half a carat.

Blue diamonds

Blue diamonds make up only 1% of all mined coloured diamonds in the world, and the chances of discovering a natural blue diamond are 1 in 10,000 mined gems.

Green diamonds

Natural green diamonds are also incredibly rare and are created from exposure to atomic radiation, such as uranium.

Orange diamonds

Orange diamonds are debated to be the fourth or fifth rarest colour, but they're less sought- after.

Pink diamonds

Pink diamonds are highly coveted and make up only 3% of all coloured diamonds.

Lab-coloured diamonds can capture the coveted colours at a more affordable price. So, if you have your heart set on a coloured diamond, it's worth perusing lab-coloured diamond options. Whether it's a faint tint or completely blue, boron gives Fancy blue diamonds their vivid, royal hue. Natural green diamonds are created from exposure to atomic radiation, such as uranium, and are also incredibly rare, though the demand for this colour is strikingly lower than a more romantic red or royal blue stone. In conclusion, coloured natural diamonds are the rarest and most valuable in the world, and buyers need to be prepared to pay a high price for these treasures. However, with the availability of lab-coloured diamonds, it's possible to attain the coveted colours at a more affordable price. If you want to purchase lab-grown diamonds for your significant other, visit Diamond Story. For further information, contact Diamond Story at 03 9642 3649

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