A beautiful wedding ring on your bride’s finger is one of the best ways to express your love, feelings, respect, and commitment to her. Wedding rings are of various designs and patterns. A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment and eternal love. However, finding "The perfect ring" is a problem that most couples face before their wedding day. To help you here, we have put together a few essential tips to give some insights on finding your dream wedding ring.

Selecting the Right Metal

Every couple has different preferences in terms of design. Some are comfortable with a simple wedding band design while others look for something more colourful and elaborate. When looking for the right metal for your wedding rings, you have several options to choose from. The popular metals used to design wedding bands include Gold, Platinum, Sterling Silver & Palladium.


Gold is the most commonly preferred metal and an excellent option for wedding bands. Whilst shopping for gold wedding bands, it is essential to remember that white gold rings require a new rhodium plate after every one to two years to maintain their natural shine. Furthermore, White gold can potentially cause an allergic reaction, particularly to those who are allergic to nickel.

If you prefer to have a 2-tone customized wedding band, you can choose to buy rings made with rose gold and yellow gold since they make a great combination! Remember to consider the durability of the wedding ring as one of your preferences. 18 karat gold is long-lasting and is ideal for designing custom wedding bands.


Being one of the most popular metals, Platinum is a popular choice for its appearance and durability. These qualities make it costlier than other metals. Also, most people choose this metal because it is possible to work it into different designs while designing wedding bands. The metal is hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for people who have known allergic conditions to certain metals.

Sterling silver

Sterling Silver has a lustrous appearance that looks royal and traditional. Before choosing sterling silver to customize your wedding band, it is essential to note that it is not as durable as other metals. It also demands special attention to maintain its flawless appearance. But if you are on a budget, then this is the right metal for you. If you want your wedding band to have intricate designs, sterling silver is the best option.


Being lustrous and silver-like, Palladium is the perfect choice for a couple interested in different styles and durable wedding bands. Apart from being hypoallergenic, it is also lighter compared to platinum and gold, making it a popular option amongst young couples.

Settings for Wedding Rings

Wedding ring settings have various options. It is crucial to choose the right ring setting because it can affect the wedding ring’s appearance. Some options available include:

Bezel: It is the easiest way to set gemstones into elegant jewellery. In this setting, a flat and thin piece of metal surrounds the gemstones keeping them in place.

Channel: The setting utilizes two tracks of precious metals that hold gemstones in a row close together side-by-side.

Cluster: In this setting, several smaller precious stones like diamonds border the larger gemstone. This style is a more intricate method for designing wedding or engagement rings.

Bar: In this setting, metal bars separate each gemstone around the entire ring. It is one of the most popular setting styles for wedding bands.

Prong: It is a popular setting for engagement and wedding rings. The stones in this setting sparkle more since there is no thin metal strip surrounding them. The setting uses 4 or 6 small prongs or claws that raise the gemstone and keep it in position.

Patterned Wedding Rings

Patterns in wedding bands are usually a final touch meant to create a distinctive appearance or to add detail. In the past, couples could add bespoke patterns to their plain wedding rings or even a matte look to their polished, plain wedding bands. Numerous different designs are possible. So you can request Diamond Story to design a two toned & patterned rings for you. Engraved patterns and diamond cutting last longer than textured looks like satin finish or light matte since they are set deeper into the metal.

Patterned finishes become “lived in” as the years pass. Therefore, if you handle rough materials regularly, it is advisable to avoid choosing a ring with a satin or matte finish. In this case, plain wedding ring made of materials such as 9-carat gold, titanium or palladium is best suited.

With years of experience, expertise and genuine passion for Jewellery, we go above and beyond to find the right ring for you. We work closely with our clients to understand their dream ring and turn it into reality! We'd like to hear your story, contact Diamond Story on  (03) 9642 3649. Coffee is on us!

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