Diamonds are regarded as one of the most coveted gemstones and coloured diamonds are even rarer. While the colour of the diamonds is caused by the perfection and inclusions in the stone, there is a great demand for these coloured diamonds worldwide.

These hardest stones are available in a wide range of colours including red, green, pink, violet, brown, yellow and black. Yes, you heard it right. Black diamonds do really exist. In fact, the popularity of black diamonds has increased manifold for a good reason in recent years.

Types of Black Diamonds:

Black Diamonds come in two major variants – Natural Black Diamonds and Treated Black Diamonds.

Natural Black Diamonds – The colour of the natural black diamond is caused by the presence of graphite and a huge number of inclusions within it. In fact, a black diamond is full of inclusions that get trapped in and paint the entire stone black.

Treated Black Diamonds - Typical white diamonds which are of extremely low value due to the presence of high amount of inclusions are subjected to treatments such as heat or irradiation to create treated black diamonds. These diamonds are cheaper than the natural black diamonds.

Determining the Quality of Black Diamonds:

Just like other diamonds, the diamond 4Cs should be considered when you are purchasing a black diamond. After all, Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat play a vital role in determining the quality of a black diamond. 

While other coloured diamonds are found in a wide range of intensity levels, black diamonds have only one colour intensity – fancy black. Moreover, fancy black diamonds do not get clarity and colour grades as they are opaque and heavily included. GIA does not issue grading reports for black diamonds, but Colored Diamond Identification and Origin reports will be issued. In this report, real black diamonds are stated as ‘Fancy Black’ and their colour is described as treated or natural. 

Like other diamonds, black diamonds come in an array of shapes, each offering a unique appearance. So, before buying a black diamond, you will want to consider its shape which is merely a personal preference.

How to Differentiate a Black Diamond from the Fake Ones?

Black Cubic Zirconia, Black Spinel, Pyrite Or Marcasite, French Jet, Hematite and Black Tourmaline resemble black diamonds. The best way to tell if a diamond is real or fake is to check its hardness using Mohs scale. If it hits 10 on the scale, the diamond is real wherein it doesn’t show 10, it is a fake diamond. It is always recommended to approach a gemologist or a diamond expert who uses special tools to determine if the black diamond is real or fake.

How to Take Care of your Black Diamond?

Caring for your black diamond is exactly the same way that you would care for other diamonds. If you are cleaning the diamond at home, you can use a gentle soap or dishwashing liquid and clean it with a soft brush. However, the best way to clean your black diamond is to approach a professional jeweller who will remove all of the dirt and grime safely and without damaging the stone.

Where to Buy Black Diamond?

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