A diamond solitaire contains only one diamond and does not have any other gemstone on either side. Diamond Solitaire Rings represent timeless elegance. Solitaire rings are made of single large diamond rock, making them more expensive when compared to other small cluster diamonds. A solitaire diamond ring is one of the most popular engagement ring designs.


In a solitaire ring setting, the centre stone is supported by a prong setting. Each claw-like tiny metal gives grip to hold the stone in its place. Mostly 4 or 6 prong ring settings are considered for princess cut or oval-shaped diamonds. The prongs have various options like bezels, V-shaped settings, pointed settings, and more.

Why Solitaire Rings Are Preferred?

Solitaire rings are appealing to women (and men) from all age groups and generations. A simple oval-cut diamond placed in a solitaire ring setting will be a classic choice for those who like minimal design. Its sleek design fits every style and occasion. From a thick band to a thin one to choose from, this setting proves to be the best for engagement rings.

Solitaire ring settings are widely preferred for their flexibility to match any diamonds shape and cut. It gives a classic look and is a fairly secure setting for the stone. Many varieties of prongs and designs are used for solitaire rings. Here are some of the most popular solitaire ring settings.

Four & Six Prong

In this solitaire ring setting, the diamond stone is secured by several small prongs that extend out from the band.  The common configuration used in this setting is four or six prongs.

Knife - Edge

The knife-edge design draws attention to the centre stone by balancing the modern design. The ring is designed to feature the diamond in a minimal setting, giving light and brilliance to the stone.

Cathedral Solitaire

With a cathedral solitaire setting, the diamond is lifted by two arches from each side and secured with prongs. The arches in a cathedral setting highlight the centre diamond to make it look bigger, more artistic and elegant.


This solitaire setting pairs nicely with a round brilliant diamond. This setting has a gap between the band and the diamond. It is also known as a high-profile setting as it makes the diamond float above the band.

Overall, Solitaire rings are a popular choice for engagements. It adds exclusivity to its purpose. When it comes to your engagement rings, choosing the right jeweler is imperative. Diamond Story, being one of the most trusted diamond jewellers in Australia, offers extensive collections of beautiful diamonds and settings. We have a variety of designs to choose from, including custom design options. Look through our ring inspiration to see which style, shape, and setting that suits you the best. Call us 03 962 3649 to find out more on our offerings.

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