Your ring setting plays a major role in the overall design of your ring. The setting selection mostly depends on individual preferences and personal style. Each ring setting style is designed to enhance the beauty of the stone. Some settings tend to provide the style with minimal upkeep. While certain settings with intricate designs require proper care and more upkeep.

Once the setting is chosen, the stone that best complements the setting needs to be selected. With each setting consisting of distinctive brilliance, the halo engagement ring setting tops the list and is admired for its extraordinary brilliance. In addition, this setting can be used for all kinds of faceted stones. It assures that the stone gets the right height, completely straight, centred, and secure. For larger stones that require extra security and support, a double halo setting is used.

Halo rings are truly one of the best choices for engagement rings. This ring setting offers style and sparkles in every way. If you are more drawn to buy big diamonds rings, then try a Halo setting with the diamond stone of your choice. This unique setting comes at a great value, and the most favourite amongst the brides today. 

What is Halo Setting?       

Halo ring settings are designed with a centre stone surrounded by small diamonds. This makes the centre stone appear larger and more brilliant.

Why Choose A Halo Setting?

Halos can also be paired with pave bands, but still can look brilliant in plain and unadorned band types. This can be the best option for someone who is running on a tight budget, and still prefer to buy a halo ring. On the other hand, Double halo rings are a great choice. This setting features two layers of gemstones that surround the larger centre stone boosting the appearance of the centre stone.

Advantages of Choosing a Halo Ring

  • It enhances the overall appearance of the ring and makes the stone appear larger
  • It safeguards the stone and provides resistance
  • It perfectly complements a variety of diamond shapes and cuts
  • Halo settings can be customised to complement any type of diamond stones.
  • Small diamonds embellish the centre stone and provide brilliance.

As one of the popular diamond engagement rings setting, halos offer a classic appeal, which can make any diamond shape appear incredible. Few examples are as follows.

  • Round cut Halo Rings
  • Cushion cut Halo Rings
  • Pear cut Halo Rings
  • Oval cut Halo Rings

Bottom line

The kind of setting you choose will greatly affect your stone. So, while choosing the ring setting, consider picking a setting that enhances and safeguards your expensive diamond stone. If you are looking for a perfect diamond engagement ring, let us guide you. To design your engagement ring, contact Diamond Story on (03) 9642 3649 & we'll give you the right advice!

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