The world is in a major global economic crisis since the shutdown due to Coronavirus. People are not just affected financially but are also dealing with mental and emotional dilemmas. In this dark time, one priceless object that brings light into our lives is a diamond. Though they are just stones, their value, beauty and unique traits help people during crises in many ways. They are as follows:

Curative Properties:

Diamond is known for its miraculous abilities and exceptional power. With its physical, mental and emotional healing properties, it brings our lives into a unified whole.  It is an energy booster that builds positivity within you. Excellent for reducing stress, diamond imparts fortitude, courage and invincibility. Clearing emotional, physical and mental pain, diamond brings about a new beginning, which is very essential during these difficult times.

Symbol of Love and Affection:

Diamonds are an embodiment of eternal love, affection and romance. This is the reason they continue to be a predominant choice for diamond engagements rings and diamond weddings rings. As a sign of fidelity and commitment, it strengthens relationships and brings clarity into partnerships. During the time of crisis, it reminds us all to be loving, kind, affectionate and fight against this pandemic jointly.

Symbol of Longevity:

Diamonds are hard, beautiful and last forever. Being timeless and enduring, they represent strength and resilience. They are seemingly indestructible and teach us that we all should get through the hardships together so that we can overcome this challenging time and ultimately shine like a diamond.

A Perfect Gift of Gratitude:

Diamond jewellery is an ideal gift of gratitude that will embody your emotions and manifest your real affection towards your loved one. Diamond jewellery is not just meant to celebrate special occasions in life but also to support and honour those people who are working at the front lines and standing by us during the most dreadful conditions.

Long Term Investment:

Diamonds are one of the most reliable and lucrative investments of all. Unlike the price of other commodities that fluctuate every day, diamonds have universal pricing that is controlled by Rapaport Diamond Price Report. As a result, the cost of diamond is standardised across the world. Moreover, diamonds never demand any maintenance and retain their value even if the economy takes a downturn. All these aspects make diamonds a long-term investment to consider during uncertainty.

If you think of investing in diamonds, make sure that you purchase GIA certified diamonds that come with added protection. At Diamond Story, you can buy diamonds with full assurance as we only sell GIA certified diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, loose diamonds and so on. For any questions you may have, give us a call on 03 9642 3649.

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