Don’t let your rings slide away from your fingers. Remember the time when Kim Kardashian lost her diamond earrings in the sea? Well, don’t be a Kim Kardashian, be pro-active instead. At Diamond Story, our team of jewellers know just how important “the perfect fit” is.

We take two days on an average to resize our rings and we can fast track the process if need be, for a small extra fee. We can re-size wedding bands, engagement rings or any other ring, whether they’ve been crafted by us or elsewhere. However, if you’ve made the purchase with us, you are entitled to one free complimentary resize per year for the entire lifetime of the ring. Our ring resizing costs start at

One of the most interesting facts to keep in mind while resizing, is that the size of the fingers changes throughout the year, especially in locations like Melbourne, where temperature fluctuations are extreme. In warmer seasons, your fingers tend to expand and grow larger whereas in winter and autumn, they are prone to shrinking, causing the rings to become loose and potentially slip off.

At Diamond Story, we will help you establish the ideal ring size for you, based on the average finger size, taking into consideration various factors such as time and weather. We will provide standardised ring resizing to ensure that your ring fits your perfectly.

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