Platinum Guide

About Platinum

The most popular material for our engagement and wedding rings.

Platinum is a very durable and tough metal which makes it perfect for rings. It is the most secure setting for a diamond or gemstone and its naturally white colour will ensure it doesnt need any rhodium plating. 

While very tough and strong, like anything Platinum can still be damaged or scratched so care still needs to be taken. Scratches will occur over time with normal wear and tear and this will cause the ring to form a patina of wear. Most of our clients at Diamond Story come in to repolish their platinum rings once every few years to keep their jewellery looking brand new. 

The Platinum used by Diamond Story is Platinum 950, meaning 95% platinum mixed with 5% other alloys (mainly Iridium, palladium and Ruthenium). The purity makes the metal hypoallergenic so is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Our Platinum Earrings are especially popular as the platinum posts do not cause any reactions to the wearer. 

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