Ring Servicing and Resizing

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Commonly asked questions

Can I resize my ring even if I didnt buy at Diamond Story.

Yes! You are welcome to bring any ring made in Platinum 950, 18K/14K/9K white/yellow/rose gold or even 24K yellow gold and we can resize it for you. We can also resize sterling silver. There are some exceptions: rings with diamonds more than half way down the band, rings made in other materials, Coated rings, rings with engravings you would like preserved. Send us a picture of the ring if you are unsure or even better bring it in and we can advise if resizing is possible. 

How much does it cost for resizing?

Resizing cost will depend on material and how many sizes it needs to go up/down. Generally speaking platinum rings will cost $120 + GST to resize smaller or 1 size larger, 18K/14K/9K gold and silver rings will cost $100 + GST to resize smaller or 1 size larger. Get in touch with one of our experts to get a quote for any complex jobs tor jobs requiring more than 1 size adjustment up.

How long does resizing take?

Resizing usually takes 7-14 days to complete. Urgent jobs can be accommodated at an extra cost if it is urgent. Longer times apply during busy periods like Xmas and Valentines day.

Will my goods be safe? 

Diamond Story will take full responsibility of the goods whilst in our care. If lost or damaged the item will be replaced or repaired.

Where is my ring serviced or resized?

The ring is resized by our partner jeweller in Melbourne CBD or our workshop in Sydney. Servicing is done in either our workshop in Sydney or by our partner jeweller in Melbourne depending on what needs to be done.

How long does repairs and service take?

Servicing will only take half a day to one full day. Most of the time items dropped off in the morning can be collected in the afternoon Repairs will depend on what needs to be done. Generally we ask for 2-3 weeks for repairs.

Whats involved in the polishing and plating process

For platinum jewellery the jeweller will buff (emery) and polish all parts of the metal ensuring all scratches are removed. And small dents will also be buffed out but any large dents, holes or damage will need to be repaired beforehand.
For 18K, 14K and 9K white gold jewellery the jeweller will remove the old Rhodium coating and then buff (emery) and polish the metal. Once polished the item is dipped in Rhodium once again to give it its beautiful white sheen. If any large dents or damage is present the ring will need to be repaired.
For 18K, 14K and 9K yellow and rose gold jewellery, the jeweller buffs (emery) and polishes the ring removing scratches etc. If any large dents or damage is present the ring will need to be repaired.

how many sizes can you go up or down in resizing?

For most solitaire rings you can resize as much as you need. Rings with diamonds will depend on the style of setting and number of stones in the band but generally up to 3-4 sizes is ok. If you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us.

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