Jewellery trends change! This year, it’s time for birthstone jewellery to steal the limelight. Also, it’s time to checkout the loose rings in your collection, get them resized with ring resizing in Melbourne, or replace them with brand new jewellery. You can pick gemstones based on your budget, birth month, and style. Moreover, people are asked to wear them in a certain metal to reap the benefits of the gemstones.  Whether you are planning to wear a birthstone ring for a reason or want to look elegant and unique, gemstone jewellery deserves all the space in your jewel box. If you would like to ace your look with a birthstone ring like amethyst jewellery or want to gift someone you know, many choices can make heads turn effortlessly.

January-born - Garnet

If you are January-born, Garnet gemstones should be your go-to. These are available in green, yellow, deep violet, and red.  These have healing powers and are widely used in large choker-type necklaces and single-pendant chains.

February-born - Amethyst

Whether you prefer a 3-stone engagement ring or a diamond ring, amethyst jewellery is the right option for February-born people. This is connected with royalty and favourite gemstones for kings and queens back in the day.

 March- Born – Aquamarine

The gemstone that symbolises marital bliss, protection, and enchantment is Aquamarine. As a ring or as a single-stone pendant these have a royal aura.

 April-Born – Diamond

Diamonds are April-born’s best friend and give strength, longevity, and eternal love. As the universal symbol of love and weddings, diamond rings or necklaces are the ideal choice.

 May-Born – Emerald

From the Egyptian queen Cleopatra to all the royalties, people have adorned emerald rings, earrings, and necklaces, which are said to increase intellect and healing powers.

 June-Born – Pearls, Moonstone, and Alexandrite

June month born has three birthstones like pearls, moonstones, and alexandrite. Pearls have a timeless charm and have been the best choice for them.


July-born is lucky as they have ruby as their gemstones. These are one of the coveted possessions everyone likes to have. They are a source of strength, vitality, and calmness.

 August-Born Peridot

August-born has this subtle gemstone called Peridot, which has psychological properties and ensures to bring the wearer luck and protection.

September-Born – Sapphire

One of the most loved and high-rated gemstones are sapphires. They look impeccably great in single pendant chains and rings. Almost all the royals and celebrities all over the world have aced this gemstone because of its subtle bling and deep blue ocean-blue hue.

 October-Born - Opal, And Tourmaline

October-born is lucky to have two gemstones - Opal And Tourmaline. These bring protection, high intuition, and healing to the wearer.

 November-Born – Topaz, Citrine

Like October-born, November-born people also have two gemstones orange - Topaz and Citrine -yellow. Wearing them is said to bring warmth and comfort to the wearer.

 December-Born – Turquoise, Tanzanite

These birthstones are opaque stones that look great in earrings, rings, and necklaces as well. These are said to bring higher consciousness, enhanced intuition, and awakening.

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