Whether it’s your engagement ring or wedding ring, if the ring doesn’t fit your finger, you can get them resized for a perfect fit. Ring resizing in Melbourne is a common practice where customers resize loose or tight rings. In our previous blog, we learned about ring resizing. However, there are limitations on what you can resize and how many times you can resize. So, if it’s your wedding ring resizing, it requires the right set of tools and experienced jewellers to do the job. In today’s blog, let’s understand whether resizing can damage the ring.

So, How Many Rimes Can You Resize The Ring?

As a general guideline, ring resizing can be done twice on most ring settings like bands and simple designs. However, it also depends on your ring’s style and setting. For example, complex ring settings, intricate designs, and gemstones cannot be resized. 

In Case The Ring Is Loose

If your wedding ring is loose and slides off your finger often, chances are that gemstones may fallout soon; you should have it resized for sure. Sometimes your fingers swell depending on the season and activity. When the ring is loose, the jeweller may remove a tiny part of the metal to resize the ring.

Affects The Durability

Every time you get your ring resized, it may lose its durability. So make sure to have it resized by an experienced and skilled jeweller. Also, when you work with known jewellers like Diamond Story, they have a team who can work on silver, gold, platinum, or diamond rings.

Types Of Metals That Cannot Be Resized

Gold bands can be resized. However, rose gold cannot be resized and it may crack during resizing. Tungsten and titanium are hard metals and resizing them can be difficult. So, most jewellers will tend to avoid it. Also when your ring has stones around the band, it maybe hard to work on the ring. 

Bottom Line

Ring resizing is a safe option when you work with a professional and experienced jeweller like Diamond Story. If you are still thinking about resizing your ring, call our team on 03 9642 3649 today.

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