Planning for an autumn wedding? Well, turns out that the autumn season is considered the best season for picturesque weddings. As leaves turn from burnt oranges to rusty coppers, filling the atmosphere with a crisp smell, now is the perfect time to indulge in a quaint autumn wedding: storybook style.

From the decor to the dresses, you will have several choices. For the modern brides who love to stand out and make a statement, selecting your wedding diamond jewellery can be a crucial decision. Wearing statement pieces can make you stand out, and by “statement” we do not mean gaudy. Minimal and artistic jewellery designs are a huge trend amongst brides, and they give you the perfect sophisticated yet stand-out look.                   

It is also imperative for your jewellery to compliment your wedding dress. Simply put, we believe that less is more, meaning that there is beauty in simplicity.

Diamond Choker Necklaces

If you’re wearing an off-shoulder wedding gown, a choker or mid-length diamond necklace would be perfect for you. Also, it completes the entire attire with its subtle beauty.  This is perfect to highlight this season’s diamond jewellery trend.

Pear-Shaped Studded Earrings

If you are going for a high–up bun, pear-shaped diamond studded earrings can help you dazzle, and it elevates the princess in you.

Diamond Dangle Earrings

For the simple high-tied bun, you need a statement piece. Wearing chandelier dangle earrings would stand as you the centrepiece of attraction.


Diamond Line Bracelet

If your wedding dress features a long sleeve and slim bangles, wearing this classic Diamond Line bracelet is a lovely option. It features a clasp of marquise diamonds and adorns your hand with subtle beauty.

Clustered Diamond Ring

Whether you’re wearing dainty ruffles or intricate details, all these can be elevated with cluster diamond rings. A cluster ring features small diamonds placed in a halo setting that will subtly complement the blush accents on a dress.

To design your wedding jewellery, contact Diamond Story on (03) 9642 3649 & we'll give you the right advice!

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