Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are like natural diamonds; they are made in scientific labs instead of being mined from earth. They offer excellent value like natural diamonds of comparable size and quality. They are far more affordable than the natural ones. They have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. At Diamond Story, we offer excellent quality lab grown diamonds in terms of appeal, cut, clarity and design. If you’re a diamond lover, looking for something unique and affordable, we have amazing collections of lab grown diamonds.

At Diamond Story, our lab-grown diamonds are readily available in a variety of colourless types. We also deal with CVD Diamonds. We take pride in offering high-quality CVD diamonds in a grand variety of types and colors. Our CVD lab grown Diamonds are crafted for fine jewelry and sliced & shaped perfectly into various other jewel pieces. Our synthetic diamonds are known for their impeccable quality and radiance. We use high-level machinery in manufacturing diamonds, making the energy usage minimal to curb the mining impact.

Our synthetic diamonds are ideal for gifting purposes and can be customised into fine jewellery upon special requirements. 

If you’re after lab-grown diamonds that is unique in all aspects, visit our store directly or talk to our experts to get you the desired one. For more information on our lab-grown diamonds, call us on 03 9642 3649.

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