A diamond is indeed a remarkable gift of nature. Their strength, luster and representation of love make them a work of art. Not all diamonds are made the same as they do differ in terms of clarity, size and colour. They are found in various shades of colours such as the rarest red, enchanting green, alluring blue, bright yellow and fascinating pink with each shade symbolising a special meaning. Hence, it is important to choose a diamond that embodies your one-of-a-kind personality. Let’s have a look at what a diamond’s unique colour represents.


An orange diamond is extremely rare when compared to other fancy colour diamonds. These diamonds are formed due to the presence of boron during the formation process. This attractive orange colour represents energy, courage and enthusiasm.

Red & Pink:

A red diamond is the rarest in the range, with only thirty diamonds known to be existing in the world. Likewise, pink diamonds are also rare and valuable. Both these remarkable diamond colours symbolise passion, confidence, strength and power.


Often referred to as the coffee, cognac or champagne colour diamond, the brown diamonds are formed due to the presence of nitrogen during the formation process. Symbolising stability, clarity and order, this magnificent brown diamond brings the earth and nature close to the wearer.


Being one of the rarest in the range, a green colour diamond comes in a variety of shades – olive green and yellowish green. Formed due to the exposure of radioactivity, this distinctive diamond symbolises nature, prosperity, strength and abundance.


The striking blue diamonds are also extremely rare. Symbolising peace, truth, eternity, chasity, spirituality and devotion, the blue diamonds get their hues from boron being present at the time of formation.

Black & White:

Black diamonds have become highly popular across the world, especially among the fashionistas. Considered as less-traditional, the black diamond symbolises passion, energy, action, power and creativity. On the flip side, a colourless diamond represents cleanliness and holiness. 


As a rare variety, purple diamonds come in two hues – violet and exact purple. They look stunning and are associated with pride, wealth, nobility, enlightenment and spirituality.

Isn’t it fascinating to know what each diamond’s colour represents? Yes, it is! The next time when you are thinking of buying a diamond, have the symbolisms of the diamond colours in mind so that you will be able to get a diamond that speaks to your style and personality.

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