The effects of Covid-19 have been devastating and have presented a lot of challenges, especially for couples who have been planning to get engaged or married. While the pandemic has put a lid over several proposal plans, it doesn’t mean that you should postpone the idea of popping the question and taking your relationship to the next step. In fact, you can affirm your love and commitment to one another in absolutely beautiful ways!

Here are some brilliant proposal ideas that you can implement to propose and impress your loved one during the pandemic.

Propose On Your Rooftop:

Have a rooftop in your building? This is a great opportunity to be creative, so utilise it. Set up a table for two on the roof, play your favourite music and adorn the space with flowers, balloons and the pictures of your two. To make your rooftop proposal a little fancier, place a ‘Marry Me’ sign.

In The Backyard:

No matter how big or small your backyard is, turn it into a fairytale heaven by adding some twinkly lights, candles and a comfy blanket. To add personal touches, buy her a bouquet of her favourite flowers and hang the pictures of you two. Wait for the sunset to cuddle up and stargaze together.

Propose With Food:

If you are looking for an exciting way to unleash your love, why not propose to her with customised food? However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to surprise your significant other. Even cupcakes with “will you marry me?” ticket will work as well.

Plan For A Picnic:

Look for a local park with stunning scenery and photogenic marquee to relax and have a picnic together. Get her some favourite food and snacks to eat and remind her some instances that you both spent and enjoyed together. When you realise that the time is right, pop the question and party together.

Propose In A Game:

Scavenger hunt is a perfect game to propose your loved one. Create some clues and hide them around your apartment. Make sure that each clue has a puzzle that your partner must collect to get the solution. Once she has completed the hunt, propose to her with a diamond ring.

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