Diamonds and Gemstones are a perfect addition to any piece of jewellery, making them look attractive and exquisite. Most people believe that diamonds are entirely different from gemstones, but the truth is that a diamond is a type of gemstone with its own unique features. Both gemstones and diamonds are naturally formed crystals, produced from specific elements or compounds. However, how do diamonds differ from other gemstones? Let’s have a look into it.  

Formation of Gemstones vs Diamonds

Both gemstones and diamonds are rare and made naturally. They are formed in rocks found in the earth’s crust, approximately 25 miles beneath the earth’s surface. However, diamonds are formed far down in the earth’s surface, maybe 100 miles or below. The journey from the earth’s crust to your jewellery box is truly a unique experience, isn’t it?

Which Rocks are Gemstones Formed From?

The earth’s crust is made up of three different kinds of rocks – sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. Different segments of rocks produce different types of gemstones. 

Igneous Rocks

Formed by the cooling and crystallisation of magma beneath the earth’s surface, igneous rocks are the best source of Amethyst, Ametrine, Moonstone, Citrine, DiamondTopaz, Tanzanite and Zircon.

Sedimentary Rocks

Formed by the deposition and sequential cementation of the elements at the earth’s surface within the water bodies, the sedimentary rocks are the best source of Opal, Jasper, Zircon and Malachite.

Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic rocks are formed when there is an intense change in the underground heat or pressure. Gemstones such as emerald, aquamarine, jade, ruby and zircon are formed under these conditions.

Composition of Diamonds vs Gemstones

The most significant difference between diamond and other gemstones lies within their composition. While all other gems are compounds of two or more elements, diamond is the only gem formed from a single constituent- highly pressurised carbon. 

Cost of Diamonds vs other Gemstones

Another prominent difference between diamonds and other gemstones is their price. Known for its durability and hardness, diamonds are one of the most sought after and precious stones in the world. With all the strenuous work of digging the earth’s crust and converting the rough nugget into a shiny exquisite stone, the diamonds are priced more than other gemstones. Diamond cutting process that requires an expert hand, modern technologies and equipment is another reason why diamonds are so expensive. Moreover, the size, clarity, colour and carat of a diamond also plays a major role in its price. However, the prices of gemstones fluctuate with demand and supply, making them less expensive than diamonds. 

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