Finally, the idea that engagement rings are only for women is fading slowly,  men’s rings are getting attention now From traditional to ultra-modern, men's ring designs are flourishing. Jewellery for men has been a staple thing for years but never got the limelight it deserves. If you want to surprise your partner with beautiful diamonds or shop for men’s engagement rings, we have created a guide to pick the best men’s ring for your love. Men’s rings can be rugged, sleek, understated, or completely classic, depending on their style and personality.  Before starting your search for engagement rings, check out our blog for the best buy.

Engagement Ring Budget

When you are looking to give him a bling, know your limits. Well, you certainly have a lot of options. However, before picking a classic vintage diamond ring or an ultra-modern ring, make sure you can fund the ring. Otherwise, your budget can get overwhelming.

Know His Style

Before you shop for engagement rings, know his personality and personal style. It should be an influence on the ring design. Because not every man prefers a large diamond or an elegant setting. You can check his jewellery collections to know his style. If he would like to wear many rings or a minimalist type or someone who prefers large bling with minute details, considering these, you will be able to find a ring that fits best in size and sentiment.

Find The Right Metal Colour That Works For Him

Men’s rings are not only limited to plain gold or platinum bands. As you explore, you will find a wide range of metal options. Based on your partner's skin type and design preferences, you can pick a metal that goes well with your partner's finger. Gold bands are a common choice, platinum works best for everyday use and will look sleek on the finger; you can try metals like titanium, palladium, silver, and tungsten.

Find His Ring Size

Often finding the ring size is the most difficult part of ring shopping. If you want to surprise him, ask his friend or mom for his ring size or grab one of his metal rings to get a perfect size.

The times and traditions are changing with every generation. As you get the ring preferences, styles, and other details from your partner, choose the right jeweller - Diamond Story for more.  If you are looking for Men’s rings online, check out our collections from Diamond Story. For more information, call 03 9642 3649 today.

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