When it comes to wedding band materials, there are ample of options to choose from. The metal you choose should suit the lifestyle and personal preferences while reflecting the individualism of your better half/Husband. Below is a list of the most popular wedding band metals.

Precious Metals:


A yellow gold band is timeless, traditional, classic and symbolic of prosperity and wealth. Available in varying levels of purity, yellow gold is easy to work with and can be engraved or resized effortlessly. If standard yellow gold doesn’t appeal to him, why not try white or rose gold for the wedding band?


Associated with prestige, wealth and luxury, platinum is one of the most valuable metals that is widely used to make wedding platinum bands for men. Being a symbol of everlasting love, purity and integrity, platinum is comfortable to wear and highly durable with good resistance to scratches.


More affordable than platinum and gold, palladium wedding bands have drawn the attention of men who don’t want to sacrifice quality or beauty. It is lighter and harder than platinum, making it ideal for inlaying precious stones.

Industrial Metals:


Recent times, Tungsten wedding bands have grown in popularity among today’s grooms with its sleek look and scratch resistance properties. Available in grayish-black colour, tungsten is very dense and heavier than other metals. The metal is so versatile that it can be plated with gold and inlaid with gems.


If you are after a lightweight yet strong titanium wedding band metal, titanium can be the right choice for you. With tarnish and scratch resistance properties, titanium is great for grooms who lead an active lifestyle.


Cobalt is scratch-resistant, durable and hypoallergenic, making it a popular choice among grooms. Renowned for its bright white brilliance, cobalt weighs similar to gold, harder than titanium and durable than tungsten but comfortable and affordable than other cobalt wedding band metals. 

Looking for a personalised wedding band for your better half/husband? You can approach the expert jewelers of Diamond Story who can design the gents wedding bands & ladies wedding bands reflecting your ideas, personal preferences and eccentricities. For more details, feel free to give us a call on 03 9642 3649.  

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