There are several reasons why an eternity ring is given as an anniversary present or a gift to mark a special moment such as the birth of a child.  Few things are destined to last an eternity, and love is one among them. When you gift an eternity ring it means that you are saying “My love will be with you forever” rather than just “I Love you”. Let’s take a look at all the interesting aspects of eternity rings before you buy one.

What is an Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring is a metal band with diamonds (sometimes with other gemstones) placed around the circumference of the ring. They are usually worn by women and were gifted by husband to mark a decade or more of togetherness. Denoting the rededication of the couple’s unending love, eternity rings are available in a variety of designs and styles to choose from. 

Meaning of an Eternity Ring:

The eternity ring is highly symbolic. Its circular shape symbolises eternity and also represents, completion, perfection, equality and eternal love. The diamonds on the bands symbolise strength, purity, fidelity, truth, trust and love. When the symbolisms of rings and diamonds are put together, you are left with a piece of jewellery that is ideal to be gifted to your lover or spouse on any special occasion.

What is the Best Metal for Eternity Rings?

Most diamond eternity rings are set either in gold or platinum. These metals are not only precious and prestigious, but are also valuable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. Placing diamonds in titanium, tungsten or sterling silver can diminish the value of the diamonds themselves. 

Types of Eternity Ring settings:

Prong Setting or Claw Setting – It includes prongs that hold the diamonds or gemstones firmly in place

Channel or Groove Setting – It has a continuous line of diamonds placed into a channel or groove in the metal.

Pave Setting – In this type of setting, diamonds are placed close together on the metal similar to pavement stones.

Cut Down Setting – It features diamonds that are placed in a cut in the metal which holds the diamonds securely. 

How to Measure the Quality of an Eternity Ring?

Similar to other diamond jewelleries, eternity rings are also a treasure and need to be chosen prudently. While determining the quality of an eternity ring, you must focus on its craftsmanship and the quality of the metal used. It is important to examine the 4C’s of the diamonds prior to purchase. Of course, you shouldn’t buy an eternity ring without the GIA certificate. 

Where to Buy Eternity Rings?

If you have decided to gift an eternity ring to your wife to mark your 10th wedding anniversary or you are looking for an engagement ring to show off your never-ending love to ‘her’, Diamond Story may be the right destination. We have an impressive collection of high-quality eternity rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, pendants and bracelets in unique styles and designs to choose from. To know more about our diamond jewellery collection, feel free to give us a call on 03 9642 3649

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