Diamonds are known as the King of Jewels and the Birthstone of April. Diamonds are jewels that symbolize April. There is a saying that ‘Diamonds are a way into a womans heart', as this is a jewel that captures the hearts of women! So why do so many women love diamonds?

1) Symbolic meaning – Diamonds have always symbolized purity and eternal love. Just like a blooming Lily flower, white diamonds symbolize purity. The sparkle of a diamond has also been compared to the sparkle of a star in the night sky. Diamonds have a way of capturing peoples hearts and attention all across the world. Wherever you go diamonds are associated with love.

2) Value – Unlike a flower that wilts when not cared for, diamonds are pretty much eternal. If proper care is taken a diamond will keep its value for many years. The desire that a diamond creates will ensure that they keep their value over time.

3) Forever - Diamond is the hardest material in the world. They cant be easily scratched or damaged which is why women love them. Women associate marriage as being forever and the fact that diamonds do last forever further adds to their desirability. What woman does not want to believe in a love that lasts forever? It is this thought and the thought that the diamond they will receive from their forever partner will last longer than them, that makes a diamond so desirable.

The world is full of jewels.
When men swear eternal love, they put a diamond on their loved ones finger which is the ultimate symbol of their love. The fact that the gem chosen for this wonderous occasion is a diamond says everything one needs to know about the value put into this gorgeous rock.

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