Your significant other has invested a lot of time in finding the perfect engagement ring for your finger. – Maybe after your subtle hints and expectations on how you would like the ring to be. They did their best to get you a proper and fitting engagement ring, chances the gorgeous new engagement ring might not fit you properly; either it becomes too tight or too loose.  Well this shouldn’t alarm you! Engagement ring resizing is common these days. You can get your partner’s special ring to a perfect fit with the help of a jeweller.  So, if you are one of those who were startled by loose or tight rings, let’s answer you with how a ring should fit and how to ring resizing can help you. Let’s get started.

How A Ring Should Fit?

A proper ring is supposed to snug your finger and be easy to slide but takes a little tugging to take it off. If the rings slide off easily, the ring is too big for your finger and should be resized. If it’s too tight and cuts your finger, it requires ring resizing.

How Does A Jeweller Resize A Ring?

Well, every Jeweller uses different methods to resize the rings. Generally, they use two common methods to resize a ring.

For Loose Rings

If the ring is too big or loose for your finger, the jeweller may cut a small part of the ring – shank (A part that goes around the finger) of the ring and then attach both ends by soldering them together. They will clean and polish and remove any signs of the resizing process.

For Tight Rings

In another case, if the ring size is too tight, the jeweller may cut the ring's bottom and add a piece of metal to the ring and the shank to increase the ring’s size. It is done carefully with precision to avoid any signs that it’s been resized. And, the jeweller may even ask you to wear it to check if the fitting is perfect.

How Long Does It Take To Resize An Engagement Ring?

 Resizing an engagement ring generally takes about two weeks and it always depends on the complexity involved.  For instance, if it’s a simple ring without gemstones, the process is pretty faster. If it’s an eternity band or rings made of titanium or with tension settings, it can get difficult resize the ring.

 Rings made of yellow gold, white gold and silver can get resized easily, while platinum and diamond rings require a lot of work, special tools, and experienced jewellers due to their high tensile strength and melting point.

 When you shop for engagement rings for your partner, always get their ring size to avoid any risks later. And ring resizing requires skill; so choose our experts from Diamond Jeweller. 

 If you need more information on ring resizing, call us at 03 9642 3649 today or look further than Diamond Story.


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